Lawn Watering Recommended Schedule

Lawn SprinklerThe City of Papillion recommends residents follow this schedule for watering their lawns to reduce peak demand on the City's water system:

Odd Numbered Addresses: Water Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Even Numbered Addresses: Water Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday


The Papillion public water system has over 74% of its total water demand from residential use.  A large portion of residential demand is for lawn irrigation. It has been identified that during the early morning hours (4:00am-7:00am) of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we see a substantial peak in demand. The resulting peak hour demand on our system is much larger than what is typical for a public water system. The peak hour demand is 7.4 times the average day demand. Significant peak demands like this result in additional wear and tear on the system, reduced system pressures, and increased costs of repair and expansions. This peak hour demand drives large scale improvements and expansions. If this peak hour demand were able to be decreased and spread out over other days of the week it would allow for the delay, reduction, or elimination of large scale expansion projects which would reduce costs to the system and ultimately to the water customers.

Additional benefits of reducing the peak hour demand include the following: 

  1. Reduced strain on the water system. When everyone waters their lawns at the same time, it can put a strain on the water system, leading to reduced water pressure and potential system failures. By spreading out watering times, it can reduce the strain on the system and ensure that everyone has access to the water at a sufficient pressure they need.
  2. Increased system efficiency. When water is used during off-peak hours, it allows for better management of distribution throughout the system. Managing water distribution during times of lower demand provides for a more optimized system efficiency with the reduction of the amount of water lost to leaks, breaks, or other forms of waste.
  3. Improved water quality. By reducing demand during peak hours, the system can better manage water treatment processes, resulting in improved water quality for customers.
  4. Lower system costs. When peak demand on the water system is reduced, it can help to extend the life of the water system components and reduce the need for costly repairs or upgrades.

To reduce this peak hour demand, the City recommends an alternating watering day approach based on your address. Odd numbered addresses should water Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  Even numbered addresses should water Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday/Sunday.

Potential Savings

With your help in spreading out the peak hour demand, the water system could reduce or even eliminate substantial expansions that would affect future water rates. One example is the potential reduction or elimination of a $3,175,000 pump station expansion that will be necessary to supply the current peak hour demand in the near future. If the system peak hour demand is reduced by spreading out lawn irrigation, this could reduce increases of water rates to all customers of the Water System.