One Year Road Plan

The Papillion Public Works Department prepares and presents the One-Year Road Plan annually to the City Council in a public hearing as required by Revised State Statute §39-2119

"Each county and municipality shall annually develop, adopt, and maintain as a public record, a one-year plan or program for specific highway, road, or street improvements for the current year. No such plan or program, or revision to such plan or program, shall be adopted until after a public hearing thereon and its approval by the governing body. Each county and municipality shall schedule and hold the public hearing each year, and such hearing may be held prior to or in conjunction with that entity's annual public hearing on its proposed budget statement in any year such budget statement hearing is held pursuant to section 13-506. Each county and municipality shall annually certify compliance with the requirements of this section to the Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards using the certification form developed by the board pursuant to section 39-2120."

Current One Year Road Plan