Bus Guidelines


  • Reservations made 24 – 48 hours in advance take priority over same day requests. Medical appointments take priority when scheduling. 
  • When making a reservation, please leave a name, phone number and a detailed appointment request. 
  • Please be ready 15 minutes prior to your pick-up time. The driver will wait five (5) minutes past your pick-up time.
  • The Special Services Bus is a curb-to-curb service. All passengers who are not able to get to the curb of their residence without help will be required to have a person ride along to help them to and from their destination. There will be no charge for this additional passenger. 
  • The driver must be informed about all planned stops in advance. There is a maximum of two (2) stops per day. 
  • Trips out of town, in excess of ten (10) miles one way, measured from the center of the city, are not allowed. 
  • It is not the responsibility of the drivers to assist patrons on or off the bus, escort patrons into medical buildings or stores, or assist with packages. The drivers do not provide personal services for patrons while on duty, i.e. home projects, trash removal, etc. 
  • The Special Services Bus is a transportation service, subsidized by the state of Nebraska, for the senior citizens (60+) and disabled adult residents of Papillion. Service is offered to residents within the Papillion city limits and residents that are within Papillion SID’s that border the city limits. 
  • The City of Papillion reserves the right to charge full client costs for transportation of individuals who are not elderly/disabled and provided the transportation does not cause an undue hardship on the current operation of the service. 
  • The City of Papillion reserves the right to deny transportation to anyone being disrespectful (verbal or physical). 
  • Permanent transportation for work, school or adult daycare facilities in not available. Permanent transportation is defined as regularly scheduled days and times not related to a medical necessity/appointment. 
  • Extended Medical Appointments: Any medical treatment, such as dialysis, chemotherapy, etc. wherein regular appointments are scheduled is allowed, 1 month at a time, rider is responsible for re-scheduling after 1 month. The Special Services Bus will provide the service as long as the rider can independently utilize the service. 
  • Bus drivers are not liable for missed appointments due to inclement weather or other acts out of their control.
  • Emergency contact information is required for ridership.